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 Who are we? 

Mamie Colette was founded by Delphine Claudin / Bidault in 2015.

A brand of accessories to practice the "zero waste" lifestyle with chic and ethics.

I succeed Delphine, my name is Elodie. I am keen to present to you the values behind this online site.

  • Zero waste :  Mamie Colette has great respect for nature and our environment. As a result, it offers you a whole range aimed at reducing your waste and consuming differently for a long, long time!

   She tends to recycle everything that can      being: from the imagination passing through the     processing, ABRACADRABRA, the product   is here! And  this thanks to the ...

  • Local and French craftsmanship : Mamie Colette lives locally and is made in France. Recognition starts here, don't you think so ?! A constellation of stars shining through their skills: excellent skills and professional know-how from different fields with the richness of a ...

  • Social diversity . Without it, Mamie Colette would not exist!        Mamie Colette is above all a synergy of people with very different personalities, coming from different backgrounds, with different degrees of autonomy.       

   This difference makes Grandma's strength     Colette , that of recognizing each      individual as person and citizen   within a "Living Together",      

   collective and participatory. Without forgetting     the...

  • Partners who have a mirror effect: I help you, you help me, together, we move forward "hand in hand"; for a bit of road or for a long crossing, open-mindedness is that!


   Thanks to you,  Granny Colette to exist!

      Our partner shops :

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Avant leur fermeture...

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