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 Mamie Colette Reviews 

Your opinions are precious to the Mamie Colette team.  They encourage us to continue to develop our Zero Waste concept and to improve ourselves.

Your opinions...

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for all your feedback !!!  


“I have been a big fan of granny colette's products for several years now. Practical, durable, very good quality. I like their ethics 🤩 » Sabine


“Great achievements to preserve our planet, which is very sick. Nice initiative. I hope we can make people realize how important it is to take care of it. Good luck anyway. » Mamynette


"  It's my turn to send you a little color and heart to thank you for the order received with success and joy. Thank you for the "more" in the fabric "Pop" which is, I find, of any beauty. Good day to you.  "  Anne Solange                Thank you for this beautiful                                                                                                                      Photo !

"  Hello, Parcel well received and I am delighted with my order.  » Manon  


  “Several orders placed on the site and I am always delighted. Orders sent quickly, always neat, little touches. I warmly advise. " Emilie

“I received my little compost bag, I'm delighted! Looking forward to further orders. Have a good day. " Cathy

“First order received in 2 days. The products look very good. Small inexpensive gifts that will please, I'm sure (to friends but also to me ;-)). Small handwritten note from Elodie to thank me for my order which is very appreciable with a small bonus gift. Thank you to the colette team which appears to be a human and caring company. Continue like that. » Caroline

"Useful, ecological and quality products!" A real local business with fast delivery, personalized support from Elodie by SMS. What else do you want ? At Mamie Colette, shopping is great! » Hélène  


“We ordered Christmas products from our small business and we are delighted with the result! Popular gifts, customer-friendly service and express delivery! Everything was perfect, with even a few surprises inside the package, we would like more companies like Mamie Colette! " Charlotte

“I am delighted with the tissue pockets, so practical for separating clean tissues from washing tissues! It is a pleasure to use these products so well thought out and made in France on a daily basis! I gave these pouches around me, personalized with textile felt, and they also really liked. Thank you and long life to Mamie Colette! » Sandrine

"Hello the Mamie Colette team, purchased bag requested by my daughter, a follower of reusable products, which is more" Made in France "... and now I have one for me too ... Very nice, back to our memories races with our old Grannies ... all my childhood! Small gift slipped in the order, the handkerchief ... my daughter has gilded ... A team attentive (word, message) and concerned about the follow-up of our order! I will order again with my daughter ... and recommend 300% ... " Marie-Pierre

“Superb remote shopping experience: quality and very beautiful activist products that made great gifts. Quick service within 48 hours in line with the brand's values. I recommend and will repeat very soon. See you soon, Mamie Colette! "Anne

“Big fan of reusable bags, tissues, tawashis and other make-up removing wipes for two years. I am very satisfied with all these products which greatly limit my waste. The set is very resistant to detergents over the long term. I AM DELIGHTED by Mamie Colette! » Sabine

“I ordered 45 reusable bags from Mamie Colette last Christmas. They were used to wrap gifts for my employees. Excellent quality, they were all the rage !! With the invaluable help of the very pleasant Elodie, I was able to choose my fabrics (all as sparkling as each other) and I received them on time. In short, perfect purchase, I recommend! » Mag

“Hello Mamie Colette, I have just purchased 2 of your bread bags: what a good idea to use them when buying bread, which avoids using and throwing away all those paper bags. The bag then keeps the bread longer and crumb-free in the cupboards! » Magali

“Hello, I just received my order. I bought a set of 12 "June" handkerchiefs. I am delighted to have passed the milestone of washable tissues. I appreciate all the more granny Colette's approach where the products are manufactured in an ESAT. I also didn't expect to have a little personalized message to accompany my order. I also find the quality / price ratio unbeatable! I will soon be expanding my collection of washable handkerchiefs with Grandma Colette. » Karine

“I was looking for useful and recyclable gifts ... I found what I was looking for with Grandma Colette! Fast delivery, quality items and I am really happy to employ young entrepreneurs who care about the environment ... Thank you for your involvement in saving the world ... I will also order my fabric Christmas bags which will replace the wrapping paper… THANKS AGAIN! » Cecile

"I received your package this morning, it looks like a little girl on Christmas Day!" Thank you very much for the little attentions and the care you take in your orders! Few of the companies take the time to write a little handwritten note which nevertheless balances the heart! "  Helen

" Hello ! Order received today 😊 I am delighted. Another small step towards zero waste. Thanks to you » Nathalie

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