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Universe  by Mamie Colette

 Delphine, founder of Mamie Colette


  "  Hello everyone, my name is Delphine, mother-in-law of Jules and mother of Charles and Ava, with my husband, Régis, we are a HAPPY FAMILY !!

  At some point in my life as a woman, mother and mother-in-law, I wondered about our  way of living, consuming, and raising our  children. I wanted a  healthier environment  for those I love, our way of life was no longer suitable! It was at this point that zero waste became obvious to us. We are not perfect and we do not aspire to become it, but we have greatly reduced our waste  !

  I have always been a great utopian,   in love with nature, animals, I hate violence, whether physical or verbal, everyday violence, gratuitous. I always had a hard time expressing it all,  I was questioning  in this world that lives at a thousand miles an hour  ! And then one day I grew up, I matured, I had children, I made extraordinary encounters,  I learned to know myself better, to assume who I was and there …… my life started fully.

Now I don't pretend to change the face of the world around us, but I understood that I didn't have to accept it as it is, so I decided to change myself. , change jobs, change food, change our  way of consuming, of thinking, in this consumer society which suited me less.

  I can even say that I had  the chance to be born a second time  ! My life is now in line with my convictions. In the continuity of this approach and in the coherence of the values which are close to my heart, I realized that there was a lack of simple, chic and ethical tools to be able to practice zero waste This is how was born 

the company  Mamie Colette, to make this way of life more accessible.  I wanted beyond zero waste, a united and committed project, it is quite naturally that the making in an ESAT is part of the project, I  wishes to defend benevolence for all and the planet!  "

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